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Single Skin - Frame
Single Skin - Combination
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Neatform Fabrication Methods


Single Skin Neatform


b) Combination Method

Single skin of Neatform attached to a framework.

Example Applications
This method does not use a framework, so it can be used to create double-sided structures with visual impact.
Applications include lightweight screens, display panels, graphics panels, stage and film sets.

Features & Benefits
• Free-standing curved shapes
• Light-weight
• Show surfaces on both sides
• 6mm / 1/4” thick (nominal) + surfacing materials

Fabrication Method

Single skin
Combination Method - Directions

1. To create a curved surface using the Combination Method, first bend the piece of Neatform and the surfacing material to the approximate shape (Neatform grooved face to surfacing material), and roughly cut to size.

2. Lay both sheets flat (Neatform - grooved face upwards) and apply a good even coating of PVA glue to the surface of both sheets, while noting that it is not necessary for the Neatform grooves to be filled with glue. A paint roller is an ideal tool for this job.
Please note – contact adhesive should not be used with this method.

3. Place the sheet of Neatform and the surfacing material together and bend to the finished shape.

4. While the glue is still wet, clamp into shape, applying moderate pressure, to both faces to ensure a good bond, and leave to set. Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s guidance on curing times.

5. When released, Neatform and the surfacing material will retain their shape, ready for trimming and finishing.