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Neatmatch - Installing on an uneven wall

Neatmatch - Installing Wainscoating

To Uneven Walls

This collection of pictures shows the batten method of fixing Neatmatch wall panelling to an uneven surface. In this instance the surface was uneven brickwork.

Neatmatch - Installing Wainscoating1

The wall which must be covered with Neatmatch is face painted brickwork from the 1970s.

Neatmatch - Installing Wainscoating2

Wooden battens (40x15mm) about 450mm apart are screwed to the wall.

Neatmatch - Installing Wainscoating3

and extended round the corner.

Neatmatch - Installing Wainscoating4

Neatmatch sheets are measured – measure twice and cut once!

Neatmatch - Installing Wainscoating5

And cut with a panel saw, which is better than a jig-saw for straight cuts.

Neatmatch - Installing Wainscoating6

The first sheet must be vertical, because it is the guide for all subsequent sheets.

Neatmatch - Installing Wainscoating7

Each sheet is secured to the battens with wood screws. All sheets should be separated by approximately 1mm to allow them to expand.

Neatmatch - Installing Wainscoating8

Why not make a template with an off-cut to guide you in a difficult zone…

Neatmatch - Installing Wainscoating9

to achieve this result.

Neatmatch - Installing Wainscoating10

The gaps between the sheets of Neatmatch should be filled with a flexible filler before you start to paint.

Neatmatch - Installing Wainscoating11

The result!

Neatmatch - Installing Wainscoating
And close up.